Talking about most varied travel experiences in Africa, Rwanda offers the most incredible meeting and exceeding needs of travelers on holiday. Tourists to Rwanda visit any time of the year for any kind of Rwanda trip as long as it stands out best in money value and duration. The countries scenic and stunning attractions are another reason for many Rwanda visitors to the country for vacation purposes. The fact that Rwanda has part of the world remaining mountain gorillas and the amazing volcanoes –Bisoke and karisimbi is another important factor that makes hikers and adventurers to think of Rwanda first compared to other tourist destinations in Africa. Did you know that gorilla tracking is only done in Rwanda, Uganda and DRC?, And their home is also  a home to other  wildlife  and primates  including  golden monkeys .Meaning booking a Rwanda gorilla trek isn’t just all about seeing the mountain gorillas but also exploring the other side of the forest.

Before planning to visit Rwanda for any Rwanda trip, put into consideration that the country has two main travel seasons that is dry from June-September and December –March while the Rain season starts April-May and November every year. However, a lot can be done and seen during both seasons so never think of postponing your Rwanda holiday due to present travel seasons. The best of all Rwanda has year round tour activities and adventures which can be done either in dry or wet season with the first on list as gorilla tracking in volcanoes. Heritage and cultural tours, fishing, water sports, horse riding, chimpanzee trekking, golden monkey trekking, forest walks and many more though hiking and mountain climbing are fun during the dry season. Just taking you back that Rwanda budget tours run year round in all season so feel free to make your move once you ready. The flexibility of Rwanda tours makes it a paradise in Africa with extraordinary adventures without mentioning the abundant birdlife that make the countries rain forest more remarkable.

Even the practice of responsible and sustainable tourism in every natural attraction ensures great survival of natural attractions to meet the travel needs of today and tomorrow. Beyond doubt the conservation effort results are in the open in different Rwanda national parks. Can’t fail to look at well developed good infrastures that allows tourists to access several attractions and sites of their choice during their Rwanda leisure holidays .Those travelling on budget usually use road means and big spenders can use air to access some interesting destinations of travel. Rwanda is blessed with unique tourist attractions comprising primates, landscape, wildlife, mountains, Lakes, rivers, local communities, genocides, beaches, factories, waterfalls, birds, and many others.