Any person in this world is price conscious since money is a scarce resource and one goes through hardships to acquire it. Even when spending it everyone would love to spare some money in the pocket to cater for other wants since human wants are endless. There are a lot of bills and responsibilities to take up using the money but that does not stop one from spending it on something leisurely. Relaxing and having a good time is one of the most essential things to do in life since they help to regain yourself in times of fatigue and crisis.

So the two aspects of saving money and having fun and leisure can be met by taking leisure activities that are less costly. This can be done by taking a safari in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. There are lots of cheap tours available from the different outfitters but are they really worthy their monetary value? This is the question that will keep popping up and today we have got it answered.

There are many tourism activities that are undertaken on a tour in Uganda and one has to pay for these activities when engaging them. This implies that the price of the safari you take depends on the tourism activities you engage in, hotel expenses you incur, the car hire expenses.  In simple terms the cheapness of a tour depends on the expenses one incurs while on the trip.

We make an itinerary which enables you to have an expedition at affordable rates but very exciting and educative. It is here in Uganda and Rwanda where you can get these unique tours since their cost of living in the two countries is relatively low and this makes one to spend less on the tour. Uganda has very many cheap hotels but classy where you can stay at your trip both in the capital and up country where some attractions are found.

The food of Uganda is also relatively cheap as a meal cannot go over 30 dollars and there are those at 8 dollars. One can say there is no way cheap nice food i but come to Uganda and get delicious dishes at low prices.

The tourism destinations in Uganda are also not so expensive to access and encounter as the highest fee at the park entrance is 40 US dollars and their activities are not expensive at all.

The car hire in Uganda to take a visitor around Uganda are also not expensive. There are very comfortable and great. Cars that are normally used at Uganda tours are four wheel drive SUVs like land cruisers, RAV4s and also coasters and minibus. These carsare all 4×4 since most Ugandan roads are raged and marram that lead to the top tourism destinations.

Here are some of the cheap tours one can take while in Uganda: wildlife to Queen Elizabeth national, Murchison fall national park or Kidepo national park, gorilla safari at Bwindi impenetrable national park, whitewater rafting at Itanda falls in Jinja.

With the above tours you can enjoy Uganda to enjoy to the fullest but spending less.