One of the greatest reasons why people travel to a certain place is the attraction it has. Before exploring a country, travellers always take time to discover the great things about the specific area they plan to stay at. And in Africa, there are so many beautiful reasons why travellers should go and explore it.

  • To see the Kruger National Park which is one of the largest park in the world. Its size is equal to the total area of Wales. In Kruger National Park you can’t just take pictures but you can also have the chance to see walking safaris, to do mountain biking, and self-drive 4×4 trail. However, before visiting Kruger National Park, travellers should consider having a vaccination against malaria.
  • To explore Cape Town, which according to Sir Francis Drake it’s the ‘fairest cape in all the circumference of the world’. In Cape Town you can shop till you drop, you can party hard till you get knackered, and you can fill your eyes with so much cultural attractions you haven’t seen before.
  • To experience Durban which is all about the beach. It’s considered as the only home surfing of South Africa, and one of the most surf-friendly cities in the Universe. Apart from surfing, there are so many activities you can do in Durban like swimming, partying, eating in spectacular restaurants, seeing cultural performances, and watching concerts.