Many tour operators in Africa sell Budget gorilla tracking tours and usually offer unbeatable prices of great value. This is only realized once you find the discounted gorilla tracking tour of your choice and even take a step to book it. From the historical rain forests, beaches, hills, islands, wildlife, mountains, cool weather and the vibrate cities, Africa offers affordable tours throughout the continent. On your gorilla trip, relaxation is a must on a 3-9 hour scenic drive depending on the tracking destination and a visit to legendary cultural sites is a must if time and money permits. Travel through Africa gorilla region is enjoyable and without compromising your budget you taste the most unique adventures in the world including volcanoes hiking, golden monkey trek, nature walk, village walks, cultural exposure and gorilla tracking as the main tour activity for the day.Famous for primate safaris and wildlife, Africa is a delightful continent with scenic landscape, cool weather, rich culture and exciting cities.

You will get to know the continent on your gorilla and wildlife tour starting and ending in one of the pleasant cities in East Africa. This gorilla tour is perfect for primate lovers and mountain hikers since travelers don’t only see gorillas but also other primates together with volcano hikes and cultural discoveries. Beautiful scenery combined with incredible primates and charming culture sums up the most ultimate gorilla safari in Rwanda. You will also hike the interesting active charming volcanoes of Karisimbi, Bisoke,Nyiragongongo and many best known for wonderful views and dazzling beauty.Just like any exclusive relaxing beach, Lake kivu in Rwanda is another great place you shouldn’t miss out during your Africa primate safari. In Uganda the Batwa community is another nice adventure to check out during your stay plus a visit to Lake Bunyonyi one of the most known leisure island for honeymoon holidays. Couples this is your best hangout point in Uganda best for swimming, and relaxing.

If you want to trek chimpanzees as well make sure you visit Nyungwe forest, Murchison falls national park, Kibale forest and Queen Elizabeth National park the home to fast moving primates.However,golden monkeys are onlytracked in Mgahinga national park in Uganda and volcanoes national park in Rwanda both famous gorilla tracking destinations in East Africa. Primate experience comes true when you visit both gorillas and chimpanzee national parks in Uganda and Rwanda. Other highlights of Africa gorilla tracking tours include water falls, gorilla research centers and projects sited in all gorilla parks in the three countries Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo. Spend a few days in Africa on a leisure gorilla tracking holiday   with opportunities to take optional forest nature walks, village excursions, hikes, birding and many others from the beautiful scenery of your dream vacation.