Uganda is one of the best places to see mountain gorillas in Africa. If you are on a shoestring or tight budget, look no further, Uganda is the best destination to visit for a gorilla tour. Over the past 10 years, Uganda has attracted many budget conscious travelers than any other destination. From backpackers to hitch hikers, Uganda is the most friendly travel destination to visit if you are looking to gorilla tracking.

First the gorilla permit is relatively cheaper in Uganda than in Rwanda. A gorilla permit costs USD600 which is lower than USD750 for Rwanda.

In the past 4 years, the Uganda Wildlife Authority has also been offering promotional prices for gorilla tracking. Being the best off season gorilla trekking destination, its gorilla parks, accommodations and trip organizers work day and night offering fine services to all visitors in the country on Uganda holidays. Save good cash by booking your Uganda gorilla trekking tour in the low season months of April, May and November. Currently, a discount gorilla permit costs only USD$450 per person and the price applies to these months.

During the off season you can also easily book a Budget gorilla trekking tour in Uganda at incredible lower prices. The country might be small and less explored but gorilla trekking is the leading exclusive wildlife experience across the globe. In fact it’s a prime attraction that makes Uganda holidays fantastic and memorable.

Plan doing your gorilla trek in low season and get most excellent gorilla trekking experience at a low budget cost since most gorilla tracking lodges are low to around 30%-40% cheap. This is also the best time to do a safari in Uganda without spending much – you can combine your gorilla tour with other national parks; Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park and more. Cheap tour deals, group tours and bargains are available from various tour operators thus making it easy for travelers to book Uganda safaris of their choice at a lower price. Travelers save $150 USD on each gorilla permit a fee that can be used to top up for other trips or use it on accommodation for the very trip. Uganda Budget accommodations cost between $5- $50 a fee that is multiplied by three to get only savings per each gorilla permit.

Talking about low season travels, some travelers think about the worst travel months full of rain day and night. However, it’s a very different case with Uganda weather, travelers get surprised when they don’t see it rain all throughout their gorilla trek  and others witness it rain but sunshine takes over the floor immediately changing the weather and making holidays much more exciting than never before. However feel free to book your Uganda gorilla tour in April, May and November and experience just same like those who visit the country during the winter months of June-October and December to March.

Even joining a group tour or travelling with friends or family makes gorilla treks cheaper than expected. And if a family has travel adventure interest then be the first one to sell the idear of tracking mountain gorillas together. You can chose to drive your selves, by hiring a private car at only $40 per day without driver and fuel or use public means of transport under the guidance of a travel expert. Don’t forget a Uganda map since it will show you the right routes to take until when you get to the land of gorillas at your lodge of residence for meals and overnight stay. Never do it any other way, this is the most perfect way to track gorillas of Bwindi forest on budget on any gorilla trekking holiday.