Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the worlds tallest free standing mountains at over 19,000 feet (nearly 6km), yet treks up to Uhuru Peak are non-technical and can be undertaken by any reasonably physically fit person.

There are several routes ranging from the popular Marangu, otherwise known as the Coca Cola route which offers accommodations in mountain huts and the more challenging Machame route which is a camping route

There are several tour operators including international agencies with strong links in Tanzania, that organise treks using less busy routes such as Londorossi and Rongai. Treks are tailored and include a full, local mountain crew, ensuring extremely high success rates and enjoyable experience. Treks average between 6-7 days depending on the route taken.

Kili can be climbed at any time of the year, but the rainy seasons (April-June; November-December) make the forest more slippery and the summit might be blocked by snow. Be prepared for climatic extremes, from rain in the forest, intense sun in the alpine desert and freezing temperatures at the summit. It’s essential to have warm clothes and a good sleeping bag.