Self drive car hire in Uganda is absolutely one of the remarkable and impressive options for transport through the incredibly beautiful lands whether on a business trip or travelling in Uganda. Car hire with many car rental agencies in Uganda tends to become tight especially when the high season clocks in and so is the difficulty in finding available and affordable cars for hire in Uganda. We definitely would not want this to abstract your travel plans especially for the independent travelers. Here we bring you tips on how to get hold of affordable car hire in Uganda for an inspirational and impressive journey through the pearl of Africa.

Constantly Avoid the Airport: considering that you have some time to go through search and still have time before you arrive or you’re willing to take the time to put some distance between yourself and the airport, Go Ahead and avoid The airport. Car rental at the airport comes with concession fees levied which are levied by the Civil aviation authority and yes, these are passed on to the clients who rents a car at the airport. Take sometime and go through the inland car rental agencies where such fees never apply.

Opt for long term car rental if you can: Long term car rental in Uganda and in most parts of the world comes with Discounted rates. The more days the car is rented out, the lesser the discounts. If you can plan early enough for some extra days with the car rented, then expect discounted rates that are afforded. However not all companies offer these discounts so your search through legit companies like Road trip Uganda, Auto Rental Uganda, self drive Uganda, car rental Uganda would definitely find you great discounts for car hire in Uganda. On the same note,  Make sure you ask the rental car company for clarity or check the terms and conditions of any rental agreement before confirming any rental.

Look out for and avoid sneaky fees. A nightmare for many independent travelers seeking for self drive car rental in Uganda usually for the first time in Uganda. Always remember to make clarity with the car rental agencies on areas of interest that may rise up to sneaky un intended fees. Always lookout to the condition of the vehicle before you step your feet in it, the dents, cracks, fuel gauges and late car returns fees. Make sure you clarify with the car rental agencies on some of these conditions before you set off for your trip in Uganda. Avoiding sneaky fees will definitely land you an affordable car rental in Uganda.

Booking in advance: When you plan on a self drive safari in Uganda or business trip in Uganda with a rented car, planning ahead of time and have your car booked and reserved would save you lots on car hire. There is a possibility for better deals than when you have it for last minute car rental in Uganda. Most car rental agencies for see business when you book in advance or probably will be their first client in that particular month and so are usually more than happy to offer you discounted rates for your car rental through Uganda. This also saves you the heck of negotiating deals for car hire at the airport.

Check for unlimited mileage options: Most car rental agencies in Uganda will always offer unlimited mileage to independent self drive travelers. However be ware of some sneaky companies that limit you to the mileage bit. The last thing you will need is getting stuck and worried in paying for the extra mileage on a self drive. This is common with international car rental agencies in Uganda and a few local car hire companies. This usually comes with very attractive rates, quotes provided to you which are out of Range compared to other car rental agency offers. Very important to look out for the price inclusive and ask if unlimited mileage is part of the price.