The world is full of affordable destinations for the budget traveler but Uganda is the most spectacular and underrated among all the countries in East Africa. The entire nation is covered by green vegetation, rich history and culture that drive you back in the ancient. Its Capital Kampala is incredible and fun when explored on foot or simple public transport that connects to some surrounding city tourist attractions.

Many opportunities are available including those with fee entrance. Surely this makes budget travelers happy and comfortable because they can never lack what to do with or without money. Those on Uganda gorilla and wildlife safaris enjoy to their fullest by exploring all the country’s best parks and attractions both in the city centers and outside. Accommodations are private and located close to attractions enabling guests without private transport to access after their day’s adventure. Uganda hostels and Campsites cost between $5-$15 per night though they have provisions for high-end budget travelers that go from $30-$80.Meals don’t have to worry you because good meals go for $2- $10 dollars per person. Do you want to travel to Africa on budget?. Uganda should be your first choice destination beyond doubt.

There is even room for bargaining if you travel during the low season months of April, March and November. Even gorilla permits are discounted giving budget a traveler a chance to experience the life changing adventure in Bwindi forest National park. Travelers look at gorilla tracking as an expensive adventure which isn’t the case in Uganda during the low season months. If you want to track gorillas on budget and even save some good dollars on your gorilla permit, visit the country in April, May and November. This is the most recommended months for budget gorilla tracking to all travelers across the world. More saving can be made if you travel with a friend or relative and you share Accommodation and transport costs.

If you have plans of visiting Uganda now is the time when everything is affordable and pocket friendly. Usually the foreign currency is stronger than the local currency so buying souvenirs and other trip essentials become cheap and affordable. However, other travel essentials are paid in foreign currency like accommodation, park entrance fees, and most tourists’ activities giving travelers a chance to save if they make bargains or discount offers.

Don’t forget to carry your student card or working permit because you will earn good discounts on many tour activities and park entrance fees. If you not backpacking but need good value of budget and mid-range travel contact your travel expert and make it clear at the time of booking for cheap price offers. Besides many Uganda tour operators arrange exciting budget and mid-range trips that have good money value. Though some tour activities are not cheap but they mix them well to blend with your budget. It may not be the cheapest country in the world but Uganda will give you excellent value for money in 2017 that is if give it a chance. Just behave local, eat local, travel local and spend spend fantastically cheap.

For expensive tour activities and adventures, backpack and save a few dollars. If you’re backpacking, you will be happy to know the Pearl of Africa as a beautiful, amazing country with a comfortable network of hostels and campsites. Having spent both high and low season months in Uganda, I’m going to say it’s one of the best budget destination in Africa for every traveler.